Besides the obvious fitness benefits, ice skating offers many physical and mental advantages which may not be achieved through other sports. Let’s explore the physical benefits.

  • Improved flexibility  – ice skating is a brilliant way to improve flexibility will improve your balance as well… you’re skating on two thin blades for goodness sake!
  • Cardio & endurance – sod the bleep test… ice skating is a much more fun alternative to aerobic exercise and boosting your cardiovascular health (#healthyheart)!
  • Improves joints – back problems of an 80 year old woman? Have no fear for ice skating is here! One session works out almost every major muscle and joint, perfect for lasting pain-free joints.
  • Muscle building – well, you’re doing a work out (even though it’s super fun and doesn’t feel like it) so do we really need to explain this one?
  • Fitness & weight management – want to be a bit more fit and healthy? Also want that creams with the girls on Friday? No worries, taking part in an active sport like ice skating is a sure way to maintain weight and burn calories without the need for a gruelling gym session.