Besides the obvious fitness benefits, ice skating offers many physical and mental advantages which may not be achieved through other sports. Let’s explore the mental benefits.

  • Clears your mind – long day at school? Mrs Smith doing your head? Ice skating can help clear the mind and relieve stress.
  • Socialising – ice skating can be both competitive and social! Nothing to do one Wednesday? Get ice skating!
  • Confidence and self esteem – challenging yourself to a new sport or hobby is one way to boost your self esteem… and we know just the activity!
  • Form of meditation – always wanted to be like that Insta’ famous fitness guru who meditates in her free time? Just one hour on the ice stimulates your mind in the same way.
  • Better balance – ice skating is a brilliant way to boost your balance (quick nudge to your klutzy friend)… you’re skating on two thin blades for goodness sake!